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Giesko Coldstore has built an excellent reputation in warehouse management. We maintain a clean, safe, controlled environment for your goods. Our facilities are regularly inspected for cleanliness and pest control by the appropriate institutes.

Giesko Coldstore makes use of the following storage facilities:
Warehouse Arctica: storage capacity abt 10,000 mts
Warehouse Siberia: storage capacity abt 3,000 mts

All our warehouses are 'COLD STORE' which means that the temperature is kept at a constant level of 8-10 Celcius with a relative humidity of 70%. Numerous tests have proved that under such conditions peanuts and other agricultural products can be kept much longer than when stored the conventional way.

Giesko Coldstore has a Bonded Status with the Dutch Custom Authorities, so we can offer you both bonded and non-bonded storage facilities. Since all facilities are fully recognized and accepted by major international banks and insurance companies, our warehouse receipts/warrants and releases are also internationally accepted to facilitate financing and insurance of stocks held in our custody.

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